At Ellgren, we pride ourselves on supplying your team with the same high-quality teamwear that we engineer for all of our professional teams.

This means that when you order custom sports team wear from us, you’ll be wearing the very same performance-focused sports clothing that has made Ellgren one of the premium, custom apparel supplier in the country.


There’s more that goes into this than just producing great gear for you to play in.
We know exactly what it takes to deliver for you on all levels – regardless of the size of your organisation.

Teamwear - Ellgren

Quality & Durability

As you’d expect from a company that has kitted out some of the country’s best athletes, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best quality teamwear out there. This is because innovation and continual improvement are at the core of everything we do.

Every sports gear product we produce has been fully tested and thoroughly fitted by our team of garment technicians and pattern makers. It’s also been tested on some of the toughest sports fields and playgrounds in the world! We aim to ensure the optimum sizing and functionality for performance, style and comfort. Our gear is built to last.

Teamwear - Ellgren

Design & Customisation

We employ a large team of professional designers and teamwear specialists to assist you through this creative journey.

Our team will work alongside you to create bespoke, custom ranges that meet your exact requirements – no matter what you’re looking for. Ellgren have the means to have you and your team looking your best, come game day.

Teamwear - Ellgren

Ordering Your Gear

Ordering your team’s kit can be a very stressful time for you or your management. We’re here to help it be as easy as possible!

We will guide you through our step-by-step process to make sure you get exactly what you envisage.

You can trust us. Meeting our agreed delivery timelines is something we take very seriously and something we pride ourselves on.

We see transparency and communication as vital elements to the success of any team.

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